FS-DD USB 2.0, 3.x, BC1.2 Vbus Drop Droop




USB 3.0 extension cable

This set include two boards. The drop droop load board and the USB 3.x Vbus breakout Standard A Plug

USB-IF approved USB 2.0, 3.x and BC1.2 Drop Droop Test Fixture for non Type-C products.

The following tests can be performed:

  • Measure the Vbus voltage for USB 2.0, USB 3.x and BC 1.2 products
  • Following loads are available on the drop droop board:
    • 7 static loads are available that can be set to:
      • 100mA
      • 150mA
      • 500mA
      • 900mA
      • 1500mA
    • 1 dynamic load that switch ever 1 second on/off and can be set to:
      •  100mA
      • 150mA
      • 500mA
      • External (to connect your own load)
    • All loads have a capacitance load of 10µF

Not forget to order the required USB cable set and SMA cables.

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USB-IF procedure can be found here